Student Experience

Student Experience

Our students’ experiences

“I really enjoyed how Land One consisted of smaller classes, so that I didn’t need to be in larger and more overwhelming lectures. It was enjoyable, thank you!” (2021-2022 cohort)

“Land One is an amazing program and I would not have made the friends I did if I was to not do it. I felt that I got more hands-on experience and the field trips is something you can’t beat. Going to Malcolm Knapp Research Forest is something I never thought I would do in first year. I would 100% have chosen to apply for this cohort again.” (2021-2022 cohort)

“I feel so supported by the other students in Land One. Anytime I ever needed anything, someone was ALWAYS willing to help me out! I also connected with my profs on a personal level.” (2019-2020 cohort)

“Land One has been nothing short of an amazing experience for me. I’ve made meaningful connections that I strongly believe will last a lifetime […].” (2019-2020 cohort)

“It was really nice to take courses that were connected with each other, and I felt that I was studying content that really was applicable to my degree.” (2018-2019 cohort)

Application Deadline
May 15, 2024
Start Date
September, 2024