Student Experience

Student Experience

Our students’ experience (2018-2019 cohort)

Having the two faculties together was extremely beneficial in understanding all the different stakeholders and perspectives that surround issues in both faculties (and the world in general).

It was really nice to take courses that were connected with each other, and I felt that I was studying content that really was applicable to my degree.

I would have to say that the land one cohort as a whole was very useful, and made the transition to university life one that was easy to do and extremely streamlined.

Our students’ experience (2019-2020 cohort)

I really enjoyed the designated study space as that has allowed me to get help from other students. […] I feel incredibly supported in this program.

I feel so supported by the other students in Land One. Anytime I ever needed anything, someone was ALWAYS willing to help me out! I also connected with my profs on a personal level.

Land One has been nothing short of an amazing experience for me. I’ve made meaningful connections that I strongly believe will last a lifetime […].” 


Application Deadline
May 31, 2023
Start Date
September, 2023