About Land One

About Land One

What if you could experience the challenge and novelty of university with the comfort and familiarity of high school?

Good news: you totally can. If you want to travel and learn together with a familiar group of students and profs in your first year, Land One is exactly what you’re looking for. For Forestry students & Land and Food Systems students (Food, Nutrition & Health and Applied Biology), this first-year option offers small classes for your core courses, hands-on experiences, personal relationships with your instructors and content that’s directly connected to current land issues. That’s something no other first-year courses on campus can do for you.

It’s a pretty unique way of experiencing your first year. And the kicker? Studies show that students who opt for cohort learning in their first year of university tend to do better overall in the final years of their degree.


Application Deadline
Start Date
September, 2024