Designated Study Space

Designated Study Space

A dedicated learning & social space where your cohort can gather

Every community needs a place where its members can gather to hang out, talk, eat and share their experiences. We’ve got that place for you in Land One. You and your classmates can kick back and relax — or meet in groups to get stuff done — in the cozy, laid-back Land One lounge. Here you’ll find a fridge, microwave, sink, water cooler, kettle, toaster and coffee pot — even a hot plate for cooking. You can snuggle into a sofa on a winter afternoon, gather your group at one of the collaboration tables, or take your cup of tea into the adjoining silent study space where you can focus purely on your work.

The study space is at Room 318 in H R MacMillan Building, 2357 Main Mall (UBC’s Vancouver Campus).


Application Deadline
Start Date
September, 2024